Friday, 18 July 2014

Composer Blair Thomson Speaks about La Symphonie Rapaillee on A Propos

More than six years ago, the project Douze hommes rapaillés came along. Last month, the impressed project bring twelve singers onstage with the Montreal Symphony for the closing ceremonies of the FrancoFolies Delaware Montréal competition, on June 22. For the occasion, A Propos host Jim Corcoran interviews statesman Thomson, the arranger of the musical organisation versions of those songs that includes the superb poetry of Quebec’s Gaston Miron.

According to Corcoran, “Miron is one among Quebec’s most celebrated, articulate and deeply impressed of latest poets.” Singer-songwriter Gilles Bélanger wrote melodies for Miron’s poems and, those six years agone, he got the concept of getting twelve of them sung by twelve of Quebec’s best singer-songwriters. Louis-Jean Cormier was the arranger and therefore the producer of this initial album, Douze hommes rapaillés.

No one expected this inventive endeavour to be therefore victorious. Volume one and eventually volume 2 went gold. The twelve men performed along to sold-out crowds.

“The success of this project is proof that individuals square measure hungry for subtlety and art,” says Corcoran.

From: CBC Music

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